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Switchbot Bot vs Fingerbot Plus

By Mark's Tech Blogs

11th January 2023

Smart button pushers are affordable ways to make a massive variety of items around your home smart, enabling you to control them using your phone, voice and even set automations and scenes. In our Switchbot Bot vs Fingerbot Plus article we compare these two leading products and help you decide which is best for you.

What is a smart button pusher?

A smart button pusher is a small device that sticks onto something you wish to control via your phone, voice or using an automation. Typically they can push buttons or even control light switches. Smart button pushers tend to stick on using 3M pads which means they can be removed and this makes them great options over purchasing whole new devices.

Switchbot have been in the button pusher game for a long time now and do it really well whereas the new kid on the block, Adaprox, came along after a successful kickstarter campaign and are a worthy competitor.

So let’s break down the differences and similarities with each of these.

How much do each cost?

Cost isn’t a simple answer with these devices as, in order to get out of home control, access to scenes/automations and voice control you’ll also need a hub. The Fingerbot Plus also has an additional accessory pack.

For the device themselves, the Switchbot Bot’s cost $30 and so do the Fingerbot Plus devices.

The hubs are also very similarly priced with the Fingerbot Plus hub costing $30 and the Switchbot costing $35 however, the Switchbot Hub also has an IR receiver feature which allows you to control your remote controls (e.g. for your TV) via your phone. This means that whilst the Switchbot Hub is more expensive it actually add an incredibly useful feature!

Finally, whilst the Switchbot Bot comes with the light switch rocker in the box you’ll need the $10 accessory pack for the Fingerbot Plus if you wish to use it with a light switch. This pack however also comes with shorter and longer arms, some cushion pads and a rocker-switch control allowing the Fingerbot Plus to work with a wider range of devices.

Switchbot Bot vs Fingerbot Plus – The Design

Both of these are relatively similar in design and are white or black boxes with rounded edges made of plastic. The Switchbot Bot is less deep but slightly longer whereas the Fingerbot Plus is an exact cube.

There’s not a big difference in look however the Switchbot design does make it look smaller.

The other difference is the presence of a physical button on the Adaprox Fingerbot Plus which allows it to be controlled without the app or voice assistant. This is great for guests and for those times when it’s actually easier to just push it.

Specification and Compatibility

There’s a lot of similarities between the Switchbot Bot and Fingerbot Plus when it comes to spec. Both work via bluetooth, both take C2 batteries and both have a moveable arm which can be tweaked for sustain, up and down via their apps.

The Switchbot boasts a massive 600 days battery life compared to 8 months from the Fingerbot which means Switchbot has the edge when it comes to spec.

If we start talking about compatibility then both work with most push buttons and on/off light switches. Both also struggle with stiffer switches limiting their on/off accessories to just for light switches. The Switchbot light switch accessory is the more fiddly to install but once both are setup you just leave them!

The Fingerbot accessory pack allows it to work with more recessed buttons that the Switchbot can’t reach which is great and gives Fingerbot the edge for compatibility.

Setup and Daily Usage

Both devices can be setup in less than 5 minutes and follow the same pattern which involves starting off by pairing them with the app.

The Switchbot Bot pairs with the Switchbot app which is a great application and the Fingerbot can be paired with the MeshHub app, TUYA app or Smart Life app which makes it compatible with a whole variety of existing budget smart home devices.

Once paired you then attach it to the device you wish to use it with and you’re good to go!

App Control

Both devices allow you to trigger the device via their smartphone apps and work with only a 1-2 second delay. You can also use their apps to set scenes.

Voice Control

Both work with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri (using Siri Shortcuts). This is great for voice control and gives a whole variety of choices. Switchbot has the additional option of working with IFTTT which is great.

Physical Buttons

Finally, the Fingerbot Plus has the physical button which allows you to just use it as a button which is great for house guests and times when reaching for your phone or shouting for your voice assistant might actually take longer. This is something we’d love to see on the Switchbot bot eventually!

Fingerbot Plus vs Switchbot Bot – Which to choose?

We have to be honest…this comparison is pretty much a tie. Both devices work well and offer plenty of compatibility. Personally, the Switchbot app is better and so if you want to control a light switch or a button that isn’t recessed then we’d pick the Switchbot.

If you need to control a recessed button then the Fingerbot Plus is the best choice.

You can pick up a Switchbot Bot here and a Fingerbot Plus here.

You can also read our Switchbot Bot full review and our full review of the Fingerbot Plus.

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