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Best Wall Mounted CD player in 2021

By Mark's Tech Blogs

15th September 2021

A wall mounted CD player is a great way to add a CD player to your room without taking up extra space. On top of that they also look pretty cool as well. In this article we share the best wall mounted CD player choices for you in 2021.

Why do I still need a CD player?

With the vinyl revival in full flow you may think the CD is dead however every new album is still coming out on CD and if you want to own your music and support the artist without needing the space required for a massive vinyl collection then CDs are a great way forward, providing great sound quality in a compact form. (If storage is really at a premium then we found this great use of Ikea Kallax drawers on Reddit for storing vast CD collections).

CDs also still come with interior artwork allowing you to see your favourite musician’s true vision for their record, read the lyrics and check out who else was involved in the writing, recording and products of the album.

So let’s get stuck into the best wall mounted CD player choices from us here are Best Smart Home Reviews.

The Gueray CD Player

We love this option from Gueray, it’s modern, compact and packed with features.

The actual player itself isn’t much bigger than a CD which goes in the centre of the device which is surrounded by speakers. On the side you’ll find the controls and on the top you’ll find a headphone out which allows you to hook it up to external speakers for higher quality sound.

The Gueray wall mountable CD player also has FM radio, supports playing music via USB and has bluetooth built in allowing you to stream music as well. Whilst it’s marketed as a wall mounted CD player it’s also portable and comes with a stand allowing you to easily take it out and about with you. The only thing we’d have liked to have seen for extra portability would be the option of battery power but for just £37 this is our top pick and best priced wall mounted CD player.

The Adirigo Wall Mountable CD Player

For fans of the flatter design this option from Adirigo is very similar to the Gueray option but without the curved edges. This option packs in many of the same features and has the same dimensions as the previous option but is probably slightly better looking (in our opinion).

This option is also our top pick for best wall mounted CD player. All of our choices would be perfect but we like this one the most.

It comes with the options of USB, bluetooth, audio in and FM radio playback, allows you to plug in headphones (or an external speaker) and also comes with a remote control. It can be both wall mounted and has a stand.

CDs are added to the front of this device making it look incredibly symmetrical and it has nearly 5 stars from over 1,400 users on Amazon.

The Airigo wall mountable CD player costs just £46.

Warme Black Wall Mounted CD player – Best Wall Mounted CD Player

Our final pick is for those looking for a black wall mountable CD player and comes from a company called Warme.

The design of the Warme CD player is square with rounded corners and flat edges. The CD goes in the centre and it comes with wall mountable fittings and a stand making it super portable. It’s also slightly thinner than the other options.

Much like the other choices it comes with a remote control, can connect to external speakers and has bluetooth built in making it ready for streaming. Ut also allows you to use it as an FM Radio and has an AUX and USB input.

If you’re looking for a black wall mountable CD player then at £43 this is a worthwhile competitor.

Which wall mounted CD player shall I choose?

There are plenty of other options out there we could have included in this article but when they all essentially have the same features we wanted to share the best wall mounted CD players based on their features, designs and customer experience. We’ve given you three different design options with slightly different designs and colours but any of these would look great in any home!

All of them have remote controls and allow you to connect external speakers whilst also being able to stream music via bluetooth, connect a AUX cable or USB stick plus giving you the option for FM radio.

Whichever you choose we think you’ll love one of these three!

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