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Fingerbot Plus Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

4th January 2023

Smart button pushers aren’t new…in fact, it was one of the first products launched by Switchbot (read our review of their button pusher here) however, new to the market, are Adaprox with their contribution. In our Latest Finger bot Plus Review in UK we share our experience of using this button pusher.

Fingerbot Plus Review – Pricing

Let’s kick off by talking about pricing. These little button pushers will set you back $30 each however, to get the most out of them you’re going to need the hub as well which allows you to create automated scenes, use voice assistants and have out of home control. The hub costs a further $30 and then, finally, if you want to use recessed or super-protruding buttons, on/off light switches or rocker switches then you’ll need the $10 accessory pack as well.

Adaprox do a starter pack costing $90 which includes an accessory pack, hub and 2 Fingerbot Plus devices which isn’t bad value in our opinion.

What’s the spec of the Fingerbot Plus?

When it comes to the specification of these devices and the hub there’s a few key things to note.

The Fingerbot Plus

  • Connects to the hub and your phone via bluetooth 4.2 which gives a good range and is low powered for battery life.
  • Takes a C2 battery which can last up to 8 months.
  • Works with a whole variety of buttons and allows you to control sustain time, up movement and down movement via the app.
  • Works with the MeshHub app but also with the TUYA and Smart Life apps (great if you already have budget smart home devices that use these apps)

The Hub

  • Connects to your Fingerbot Plus devices to allow for out-of-home control.
  • Allows you to use your Fingerbot Plus button pushers with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts
  • Is a small, USB powered device.

Smart Bluetooth Fingerbot Plus Online UK: The Design

when it comes to design the Fingerbot Plus is a 35g cube measuring 34.5mm all the way around. It comes in a choice of white or black and has rounded edges and a physical button which can be used to operate it without the app. This sets it apart from the competitors and is a great feature to have.

All in all, the design is nice and modern although slightly bigger than the Switchbot equivelent.

How easy is the Fingerbot Plus to set up?

Setting up the Fingerbot Plus is pretty easy. When you first use it you pull the battery tab out, open the MeshHub/TUYA/Smart Life app and hit the + button and then follow the instructions to pair and setup the device. From there you can also name it, assign it to a room, tweak the sustain, up and down settings and set up scenes if you want to.

If you ever need to repair it then the reset button allows you to easily do this.

Setting up the Adaprox Hub is also just as easy to do although you then need to bind your Fingerbot Plus devices to it via the app to allow them to connect to the Hub.

Once that’s done it’s time to attach it to your given switch. A good starting point is to find the right accessory and see if it works before you stick it on. For our printer we found we needed the longer-arm accessory to reach the indented button.

When you’ve got the right accessory you use the included 3M pad to stick it on and Adaprox recommend waiting 24 hours for it to stick fully.

Using the Fingerbot Plus on a daily basis

Once you’re all setup and installed there are a whole variety of ways you can use the Fingerbot Plus on an everyday basis.

Using the App

Using the Smart Life, TUYA or MeshHub app is an easy way to toggle your switch or button. There’s usually a 1 second or so delay between triggering it and the magic happening but it works well every time.

The app also allows you to set schedules, for example, maybe the Fingerbot attached to your coffee machine turns on your coffee machine at 7am on weekdays. This is done via the app.

Voice Control

If you want to control your device using your voice then you can do this with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri Shortcuts. As Siri and Amazon users we found this works well with only a small delay.

Using the physical button

Sometimes, it’s easier to just manually use the device without calling your voice assistant or reaching for your phone. The button on the device allows you to do this. This is both really useful but also great if you have guests and don’t want to grant them access to your whole smart home.

So…is the Fingerbot Plus any good?

In using the Fingerbot Plus devices for a few weeks we really like them. They work well via a whole variety of trigger options, have a nice selection of accessories for different types of switches and buttons and have reasonable battery life.

We did however find that the rocker-switch is really only suitable for light switches and not stiffer on/off switches. We attached one to a fused spur and it wasn’t strong enough to turn it on or off.

All in all, we think the Fingerbot is a great affordable way to make existing device smart.

You can pick one up here or watch our video review here.

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