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Switchbot Meter Plus Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

1st October 2022

The Switchbot Meter Plus is the larger, upgraded version of the Switchbot Meter, a smart temperature and humidity sensor for your home that you can use to trigger Switchbot devices. Is the Meter Plus a worthy smart meter? Should you upgrade from the Switchbot Meter to it? Read our Switchbot Meter Plus review to find out or scroll to the bottom for some exclusive discount codes!

What is the Switchbot Meter Plus?

The Switchbot Meter Plus is a bluetooth connected device for monitoring the temperature and humidity of a location in your home. It connects to your phone or the Switchbot Hub Mini (read our review of the Switchbot Hub Mini here) allowing you out-of-home access and the chance to monitor historical data. It retails at just £20 making it a really affordable device.

What Tech is in the Switchbot Meter Plus?

So, what are the technical details you need to know about the Meter Plus?

  • Wide range of measuring conditions – The Meter Plus can operate between -20 degrees and 80 degrees Celsius making it suitable for most rooms (it’s not water resistant so we don’t recommend putting it in the bathroom if it gets steamy).
  • Big display – The large display shows you the temperature and humidity in bold letters you can read across the room. Using the button on the back you can toggle between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Long battery life Switchbot don’t commit to how long battery life is but with a simple LCD display and two AAA batteries inside we expect it to last just under a year (similar to the smaller Meter).
  • Multiple Mounting Options – With a hook on the back for a screw, an included sticky magnet and a foldable kick stand you can wall mount it with or without making holes or stand it on the side.
  • Modern Design – The rounded, white, modern design means it fits nicely into most homes
  • Long storage options – Finally, the device can store 68 days worth of data which means if you don’t sync it for a while you won’t lose that data…if you use it with a Hub Mini then data is automatically synced to the cloud.
  • Compatability with Alexa and Google Assistant – Allowing you to ask what the temperature or humidity is!

Setting Up the Switchbot Meter Plus

Setting up the Switchbot Meter plus is super simple. You remove the battery tab (or add batteries), open the Switchbot App and hit the + and then hold down the button on the back to enter pairing mode.

The first time you pair it you can assign it to a room and give it a name and then you can view it on the main screen with it’s current status in the Switchbot app when you first open it.

Home Automation and Scenes with the Switchbot Meter Plus

If you only want to monitor your rooms (perhaps somewhere out of reach like an attic) then you don’t need to do anything else however if you want to take things one step further you can use scenes in the Switchbot app to automate things.

For example…maybe you want your Switchbot Smart Plug that’s connected to your fan when the temperature hits a certain level…or maybe you want a Switchbot button pusher to press your heating boost when the temperature drops.

Scenes are a great way to automate your smart home and save you time and, in our experience, work well every time!

So, should you buy one?

If you already have the Switchbot Meter then there’s no reason to upgrade as the main differences are the comfort level and the bigger display however, if you’re looking into buying a smart meter for the first time we’d look at this over the original meter as for just £5 more you get a better display.

The only thing we think this device is missing is a backlight but, this would impact battery life and would need a feature to turn it off via the app so it doesn’t disturb you.

If you want to buy one we have some links below plus some exclusive voucher codes for use on the Switchbot website.

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Get 7% off Switchbot Products on Amazon using code 7SWITCHBOT between the 16th September and 10th October

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