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Posted on the 15th November 2023

Nuki discount Code

If you’re looking to save 10% off your Nuki 4.0 or Nuki 4.0 Pro then just use our discount code…

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Posted on the 26th October 2023

Comparing UK Compatible Smart Locks – Ultion Nuki, Simpled, Yale and LOQED

Finding a smart lock that works with UK multipoint doors can be tricky…in the video below I share my opinion…

Posted on the 21st October 2023

Fitting a CTKIAUSB.2 to use built in USB & Aux with after market radio in a Kia Picanto

The CTKIAUSB.2 kits from Connects2 come with absolutely no instructions and are trickier to install than an after market radio…

Posted on the 20th October 2023

Philips 27B1U7903 27″ 4K UHD Monitor Review

I recently got to spend a couple of weeks testing the stunning 27″ 27B1U7903 4K UHD monitor from Philips and…

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Monitors Reviews
Posted on the 17th October 2023

Switchbot S10 Vacuum Cleaner and Mop – Deep Dive

The Switchbot S10, the most automated robot vacuum cleaner and mop has just launched on Kickstarter at a massively reduced…

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Posted on the 13th October 2023

Changing the stereo in a Kia Picanto (2011-2017)

The standard factory stereo in the Kia Picanto isn’t very exciting…it can play music from your phone but with an…

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Apple Audio Tutorials
Posted on the 11th October 2023

Which smart lock is better? The Ultion Nuki or the Simpled Slim Series?

In the video below I go over the key features and high-points of the Ultion Nuki and Simpled Slim series…

Posted on the 4th October 2023

LOQED Touch – Multi-point door smart lock review

The LOQED Touch is a smart lock which is compatible with UK multi-point doors with a focus on security. This…

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Posted on the 1st October 2023

CareerFoundry Bootcamp Discount

Are you looking for a discount for one of the CareerFoundry Bootcamp courses? This link will give you 5% off…

Posted on the 28th September 2023

Switchbot Curtain Rod 3 VS Switchbot Curtain Rod 2 – Which to choose?

The new Switchbot Curtain Rod 3 is a great way to make your existing curtains smart but how does it…

Posted on the 20th September 2023

The Best iPhone 15 Accessories

Here at Mark’s Tech Blogs we like to bring you information and guidance about the latest tech products. In today’s…

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Posted on the 4th September 2023

Heatable – Paying Customer Review & Discount Code

Save £100 off your Heatable installation by using this link. I recently paid for a new boiler to be installed…

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