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Category: Smart Home

Posted on the 30th December 2021

Tado Smart Radiator Valve Review

Smart heating systems can be a great way to more easily control your central heating and save money but if…

Posted on the 9th December 2021

Eufy vs Ring Doorbell

When it comes to video doorbells there are an increasingly big choice to choose from but two of the biggest…

Posted on the 10th November 2021

Eufycam 2 Pro Review

The smart security camera market is packed with a huge range of products to choose from to keep an eye…

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Security Smart Home
Posted on the 26th October 2021

Tado vs Hive – Which is better?

When it comes to smart thermostats there are three key players, Tado, Hive and Nest. Here are Mark’s Tech Blogs…

Posted on the 22nd September 2021

Meross Smart Plug Review (Homekit Compatible Smart Plug)

Smart plugs are one of the easiest ways to make everyday devices such as fans and lamps controllable by your…

Posted on the 2nd September 2021

HomeBridge – Adding HomeKit Support for Non-HomeKit Devices

For Apple users the Home app on your smartphone is the best app for controlling your smartphone devices but what…

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Smart Home Tech News
Posted on the 21st August 2021

Best Smart Light Strips in 2021

Usage of Smart Light Strips at home is a great way to add a mood to your room are really…

Posted on the 17th August 2021

Smart House – How to make your home smart in 2021

Creating a smart house in 2021 is something that is now accessible to everyone. Products for smart homes are getting…

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Smart Home
Posted on the 15th August 2021

New from SwitchBot – SwitchBot Camera, Motion Sensor & Contact Sensor

At Mark’s Tech Blogs we are big fans of SwitchBot and their simple approach to making existing devices smart (we’ve…

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Smart Home Tech News
Posted on the 22nd July 2021

How to make a dumb switch smart

Creating a smart home has never been easier but home automation can get pricey. In this blog we share 2…

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Smart Home Tutorials
Posted on the 6th July 2021

Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Review

The Meross Smart Garage Door opener is one of several products by Meross, a company who make budget-friendly HomeKit compatible…

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Smart Home
Posted on the 1st July 2021

SOMA Tilt Review

Making those ‘dumb’ items around your house ‘smart’ is a more eco-friendly way of creating your smart home as you…