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Tado Smart Radiator Valve Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

30th December 2021

Smart heating systems can be a great way to more easily control your central heating and save money but if you want to push that control further and save more then smart radiator valves can really help. Today we bring you a Tado Smart radiator valve review to help you decide if these, easy to fit valves are for you.

What is the Tado Smart Radiator Valve?

The Tado Smart radiator valve is a Wifi connected valve that fits onto your radiator instead of an existing thermostatic valve. If you already have a traditional thermostatic valve then you can fit these really easily just by unscrewing your existing valve and adding the Tado valve. If you don’t currently have a thermostatic valve you may require a heating engineer.

Once installed the Tado Smart Radiator Valve lets you set controls for specific rooms using the Tado app. This allows you to only heat rooms when you want to use them and set different rooms around your house to different temperatures.

Do I need Tado’s Smart Heating to use the radiator valve?

No. You can buy these as standalone products however you will need to buy the Smart Radiator Valve Starter kit alongside any extra valves so you can connect them to your Wifi. This starter pack costs £120.

Tado Radiator Valve Design

Much like the Tado Smart heating system the design of the valves is sleek and modern. They are completely white with a twistable top which can be used for adjusting the temperature when you don’t want to use the app. They also have a white LED display which isn’t always on but shows you the temperature and provides some feedback.

Tado Smart Radiator Valve Review

Battery Life

The smart radiator valves are powered by two AA batteries which make them easy and cheap to replace and Tado say that they can last for up to two years.

Tado Smart Radiator Valve – Everyday Usage

Once you’ve got your radiator valves installed and connected then if you set schedules in the app then they just run all by themselves, turning on and off when you have your schedules set and making sure your rooms are heated to the correct level.

The Tado app is well thought out and easy to use and even with a couple of these dotted around the house I’ve had no connectivity issues at all (although this will of course depend on the strength of your wifi).

It’s worth noting that these do make a small noise when they turn on or off just because they have movable parts in but this isn’t enough (in my opinion) to disturb sleep.

Should I buy a Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat?

In conclusion, at £120 for the starter pack and £50-60 for subsequent valves these aren’t cheap but can be a great way to give you precise room control and save you money in the long run. These work well and have a great app and we’d recommend looking at these for anyone interested in smart heating especially if you can’t add a system onto your boiler.

You can pick up the Tado valves here or read our o there reviews here

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