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Eufy vs Ring Doorbell

By Mark's Tech Blogs

9th December 2021

When it comes to video doorbells there are an increasingly big choice to choose from but two of the biggest players are Eufy and Ring. In the Eufy vs Ring doorbell battle which one comes out on top and why? Read on to find out.

Video Doorbells – Are they for you?

Video doorbells have been around a while now and have been getting increasingly more affordable and are a great way of keeping an eye on your home and responding to visitors when you’re out and about. A video doorbell typically connects to your home wifi and then relays video via a smartphone app and both Ring and Eufy have excellent apps.

We’ve been using video doorbells here for over 3 years, a Ring doorbell for 2.5 of those and a Eufy one for 6 months and so this article is based on our experience of the Ring View doorbell and the Eufy 2k Video Doorbell. However, most of the Ring features are the same across doorbells with just variations of video quality.

Eufy vs Ring Doorbell – Cost

The biggest expense with a video doorbell is the initial cost. Ring have a whole variety of products that vary in cost from a £50 starting price right up to £180. The £50 wired model certainly gives Ring the edge with pricing however you will be tied into a subscription (more on that next).

Eufy’s 2k Video Doorbell starts at £100 for the doorbell itself however, unless you already use Eufy products you’re also going to need their Homebase 2 for the doorbell to work. You can pick up the doorbell and homebase in one package for £179.

Ring vs Eufy Doorbells – Subscriptions

Many video doorbells require you to have a subscription in order to use a lot of the features such as video backup and out-of-home access. Ring is one of these. A Ring protect plan will set you back £2.50 per month and gives you 30 day video history or a protect plus plan is £8 and is required if you have more than 1 Ring product. This may not sound like much but over a year this is an extra £30 or £96 respectively.

Eufy on the other hand offer no subscription plans. The video is stored on the Homebase 2 and this relays the video to your phone. This also gives you much longer backup periods depending on how active your camera is.

In our opinion this gives Eufy the edge because we’re not a fan of subscriptions!

Doorbell Features

When it comes to the Ring and Eufy Doorbells both are packed with features which makes them incredibly difficult to compare in an interesting way. Essentially both have motion sensors, two-way communication, let visitors ring the bell and send you notifications so we’ll gloss over that stuff because they both do this well. If we’re honest, whether you buy a Ring or a Eufy you’ll be happy with it however, these are the differences that really matter. In addition to this both also support notifications with thumbnail images, have AI features for detecting humans and let you adjust all of the motion settings.

  1. Video Quality – The Eufy offers 2k video quality whereas the Ring devices only go up to 1080p. In reality most people won’t notice the difference but in our opinion the Eufy footage looks better. Both work well at night!
  2. Battery Life – This is the biggest difference. The Ring Doorbells have around 1 month of battery life and to charge them you remove the battery…this means you can have a spare battery so you never experience any downtime. The Eufy on the other hand needs the whole unit to be removed for charging but the battery can last up to 6 months (we found it lasted 4 in our full review).
  3. Angle – The Eufy has a slightly different aspect ratio to the Ring allowing it to capture more height. This is great for capturing your doorstep as well as wider area.

Ring vs Eufy – Everyday Usage

This brings us onto our final part of this article before we reach a conclusion. Using these doorbells everyday and actually they’re both equally as good.

Whilst both have apps that are designed differently we found that both are just as good and easy to use, notifications come through promptly, communication works well and you can use Alexa devices as chimes with both the Ring and Eufy.

The video quality of both is perfect for a video doorbell and both have more features and options than you’ll ever know what to do with.

Eufy vs Ring Doorbell – The Verdict

So what’s the verdict?

In reality, whether you pick up a Eufy or Ring doorbell you’ll be happy with it. It’ll do exactly what you need it to with some extra security than your average doorbell adds. Both have excellent apps, look good and are packed with features.

The real choice comes down to two things.

  1. If price is your deciding factor then the Ring is the way to go. They start at £60 and Amazon regularly have offers on which means for the budget user the Ring is a great choice…remember however that £2.50 per month subscription will add up over time.
  2. If you don’t like subscriptions then go for the Eufy. It’s a bigger spend to start with but once you’ve purchased it that’s it!

We hope you’ve found this video helpful. You can check out more of our reviews here.

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