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Best Smart Light Strips in 2021

By Mark's Tech Blogs

21st August 2021

Usage of Smart Light Strips at home is a great way to add a mood to your room are really easy to control however with so many choices out there which are the best smart light strips in 2021? We share our top 3 in this article and way we’ve chosen them.

What is a smart light strip?

A smart light strip is typically a length of LEDs which can be stuck along a wall, up your stairs, behind your TV etc (you get the idea) and provide a consistent source of light. You’ve probably seen them in videos where the back of a desk glows…that’s a light strip.

They come in a variety of lengths and brightnesses and some are extendable as well allowing you to join several strips together (perfect if you want set up smart lighting in your home cinema).

Smart light strips are a great way to add extra character to your room because they’re simple to install and don’t replace your existing lights. They also provide a much softer, more consistent lighting option.

Smart Light Strips Usage at home UK

Philips Hue Light Strip Plus v4

Philips Hue are big players in the smart lighting market and have established themselves as one of the leading brands. Hue lights are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri and work with Apple’s HomeKit. They also provide out of home control and compatibility with extra services such as IFTTT (although you’ll need a Hue bridge for many of these features). On top of that Philips Hue has an excellent, easy to use, smartphone app.

The Philips Hue Lightstrip plus v4 is the latest in the companies line of smart light strips. These come with 2m of length and extension packs can be purchased. The Hue light strip is the most expensive in this article retailing at £70 for the 2m kit or £80 for the kit including the 1m extension. You can also purchase the extension separately if you ever want to upgrade.

The Hue Light strip comes with adhesive kit and can be cut for added flexibility. The reason we love Hue is because of the vibrancy of their colours and quality of their products. The light strip has a choice of 16 million colours to choose from giving you endless possibilities for setting the right mood. Out of the box the light strip is the bluetooth version which means you’ll have smart controls from your phone but for out of home, voice control etc you’ll need the Hue bridge we mentioned earlier.

If you’re already using Philips Hue or want the highest quality smart light strips then this is the one for you…if the price tag is making your eyes water then read on for some more budget friendly options.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Strip

Our next recommendation comes from TP-Link, a company with roots in home networking but who also now have a great range of smart home products under their Kasa brand. The TP-Link Kasa Smart Light strip is another great option and costs £40 for the starter kit which is 2m long and the extension kit (1m length) can be purchased for £15 which is more budget friendly than the Hue light strip.

Whilst the TP Link smart strip isn’t Apple HomeKit or Siri compatible it works with Samsung SmartThings, Alexa and Google Assistant out of the box and connects directly to your router so doesn’t require a hub for any of those features to work. It also has out-of-home control and app control via the Kara app for Apple and Android.

Set up is as simply as sticking up the light strip and cutting it/extending it when required.

In terms of performance the Kasa smart light strip equally boasts a huge range of colours (although not as many as the Hue) and looks great providing plenty of brightness.

We love this product because it offers the quality of a long-established, reliable brand with a more budget friendly price tag.

LED Strip Lights from HYFILOD (TUYA)

Our final option is a super-budget friendly one and costs just £20 for 20m (you read that right…20m) of light strip.

When it comes to budget friendly options for smart light strips there are lots of choices out there but we picked this one because it’s compatible with the TUYA network of devices which means there’s lots of different brands out there using the TUYA/Smart Life solution (even Hey! I’m Home who we reviewed a while back are built on the TUYA network). This means you can have a budget friendly item without having to download yet another app.

This light strip from HYFILOD is a massive 20m long and connects via WiFi (no need for a bridge) and works with Alexa and Google Assistant as well as the TUYA smartphone app for Apple and Android.

In addition to that it also comes with a remote control allowing you to use it without an internet or smartphone connection. You’ll find that it’s not as bright as the other two we’ve listed here but for the price it’s excellent value for money and great for a fun hobby project.

The Best Smart Light Strips – Our Verdict

Regardless of your budget 2021 is a great time to get a smart light strip and bring some colourful character into your home…perfect for movie nights. The three products here fit a whole range of budgets and offer some excellent options for those looking to get started with a smart light strip.

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