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Best Smart Locks for UK Multipoint Doors

By Mark's Tech Blogs

25th February 2023

If you live in the UK the chances are you have a UPVC or Composite front door with a multipoint lock. These are the locks you need to lift the handle up to lock and, for the most part, also have a small catch that also needs releasing to get in from the outside even when the door is locked. In this article we list the best Smart Locks for UK Multipoint Doors (spoiler: it’s a choice of 3!).

Remember…no smart lock can lift your handle for you so you’ll still need to do that before operating these smart locks!

Our Top Pick: The Ultion Nuki Smartlock

Our top pick for smart locks for UK users is the Ultion Nuki which we recently reviewed. The Ultion Nuki is a product made by lock company Ultion and smart lock company Nuki which contains a Nuki 3.0 smart lock, a super-secure Ultion cylinder and a bespoke metal handle for the inside of your door that perfectly fits the Nuki 3.0.

Pro’s of the Ultion Nuki

  • Specifically designed for UK multi-point doors
    • Can be installed in around 10 minutes
      • You can still use your key from the outside
        • People passing by can’t tell you have a fancy smart lock
          • Works with Apple HomeKit out the box (illuminating the need for the optional Nuki Bridge)
            • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (Nuki Bridge required)
              • Offers out of home control (included with HomeKit, Nuki app requires the bridge)

Con’s of the Ultion Nuki

  • Starts at £259 which includes the Nuki 3.0, handle and cylinder lock
    • Many users will require the optional £89 bridge

Nuki 3.0

Continuing on from the Ultion Nuki, our second choice is the smart lock that comes with the Ultion Nuki and that is the Nuki 3.0. This smart lock offers all of the advantages of the Ultion Nuki (HomeKit compatibility, only visible from the inside, allows you to use a key from the outside and compatible with a variety of third party services) but, comes in at just £150 for the Nuki 3.0 itself. This includes adapters for fitting it using a stick-on adapter or screw-in adapter for your existing lock and handle. For the Nuki 3.0 to work you’ll need a cylinder lock that can be used whilst a key is in the other side so you may need a new cylinder too.

The downsides are that if you’re an Android user, want non-homeKit out-of-home control or want to use it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant you’ll need the £89 bridge which brings the price up but, the Ultion Nuki is still the most affordable of our smart locks in this article for UK multipoint doors.

Yale Conexis L1 or L2

Our final option is the Yale Conexis L1 or L2 which are very similar smart locks from lock manufacturer Yale. This is the most expensive costing £290 but this includes a remote access module and bridge, both of which you’ll need.

Unlike the above two items the Yale Conexis replaces both handles of your door and the cylinder and is more complicated to install than the Ultion Nuki and Nuki 3.0. The conexis supports out of home monitoring/usage, has optional tags and well as smartphone access via the app and works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Yale Conexis is not HomeKit compatible which is bad news for Apple users and, whilst Yale have been promising this for several years it’s never happened (and we doubt it will).

Whilst the Conexis is a great smart lock for multipoint doors we prefer the other two listed in this article as you can still use keys from the outside and no-one passing by knows you have a smart lock. In the event that your Conexis runs out of battery and you’re stuck out you can add emergency power using a 9v battery from the outside.

Pick up a Yale Conexis L2 with wireless access module here.

Best Smart Locks for UK Multipoint Doors – Summary

In summary, if you have a lift-to-lock multipoint door you’re going to be pretty limited in which smart locks work for you and the above 3 are great choices but we prefer the Ultion Nuki because it’s not visible from the outside and is super-easy to install.

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