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Ultion Nuki Multipoint Smart Lock Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

18th February 2023

UK home owners looking for a multipoint smart lock are very much limited by their choices to 2 products, the massively flawed Yale Connexis (L1 or L2) or the Nuki smart lock. In our Ultion Nuki multipoint smart lock review we share our experience of using the smart lock partnership between Ultion and Nuki designed for UK homeowners.

What is the Ultion Nuki?

The Ultion Nuki is a partnership between lock company Ultion and smart lock company Nuki. This product has been designed with UK multipoint door home owners in mind and is really 3 products in one.

The Ultion side of the partnership provide a new, super-secure cylinder lock for your front door and, a beautifully crafted, new interior handle designed to seamlessly fit the Nuki 3.0.

The Nuki side of the partnership bring the Nuki 3.0 HomeKit compatible smart lock.

Pricing of the Ultion Nuki

The starter packers come in 2 different sizes depending on the thickness of your front door and cost £260 making them the same price as the Yale Connexis. For your £260 you get the handle, new cylinder and Nuki 3.0. Out of the box the Nuki 3.0 is HomeKit compatible and, if you have an Apple device acting as your home hub (e.g. a HomePod mini or Apple TV) then out-of-home access via the Home app on your iPhone also works.

For Android users, those wishing to use this lock with Alexa or Google Assistant or, for those wanting to have out-of-home access via the Nuki app you’ll require the £89 Nuki Bridge. (Our review of the bridge will go live in a couple of weeks).

Finally, you might also want to pick up a variety of accessories including keypads and fobs.

Ultion Nuki Review: Design

The Ultion Nuki has been designed to look great as a smart-lock, handle combination. The handle is beautifully crafted and the Nuki is equally a modern looking, white box with indicator light and manual twist area. We think this looks great, especially against white front doors.

Ultion <a href=Nuki Review” class=”wp-image-3842″/>

Ultion Nuki – Specification

When it comes to specification, the Ultion Nuki is designed to primarily work with UK lift-to-lock multipoint doors. The Nuki 3.0 works with a wider range of doors but we’ll write about that in our separate Nuki 3.0 review.

The Nuki 3.0 connects via bluetooth 5 and is encrypted to the same level as online banking.

Nuki say battery life from the included 4 AA batteries is 6 months but this will depending on usage. After 1 month of using this we’re only at 90% so hoping to get more! Nuki sell an optional £49 rechargeable battery pack too.

One of the best things about the Ultion Nuki is that the outside of your door looks the same and can still be operated via key. This is great if your batteries run out or for less-tech-savvy household members.

The Nuki 3.0 is HomeKit compatible for Apple users, has apps for Apple and Android and (with the addition of the Nuki Bridge) also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Installing the Ultion Nuki

The beauty of having a brand new handle included is that installing the Ultion Nuki is a breeze…it’s so simple that the video on the Ultion website is less than a minute long!

Essentially, you remove your existing inner handle and your existing cylinder lock and replace them with the new lock and new handle. The Nuki 3.0 then sits perfectly in it’s mount on the handle.

From there you configure the Nuki 3.0 via the Nuki app. This whole process will take most users around 10 minutes to complete…in took us slightly longer because a couple of the holes on our door needed making slightly bigger.

How do you use the Ultion Nuki to unlock your front door?

Unlocking your door with the Nuki can be done in a whole variety of ways.

From the outside the Nuki app has an auto unlock feature based on geolocation and bluetooth connectivity. This is great for having your door auto-unlock when you arrive home.

You can also unlock it using the Apple Home or Nuki app via your smartphone or Apple Watch.

You can also unlock it using a key!

Finally, from the inside you can also press the button on the lock or twist the ring to unlock.

In testing all of the above we’ve found that it works well every time and the auto-unlock is by far the most useful way of unlocking your door with the Ultion Nuki.

How do you lock your door with the Ultion Nuki?

The list above pretty much works for locking your door too, so you can do this via the Nuki or Home app, by twisting the knob on the lock itself or (from the outside) using the key.

There is also the additional double-tap Lock and Go feature which allows you to double tap the button on the inside to initiate a lock and go feature. This will unlock your door and give you 20 seconds to get out and lift your handle before automatically locking your door. This time can be customised in the app and is a great feature.

Out of the box, the Nuki app doesn’t support a geolocation-based auto-lock feature but you can set this up via Apple HomeKit.

Finally, when it comes to locking and unlocking you will still need to lift your handle to lock…no smart lock can do this for you!

Living with the Ultion Nuki – Our Verdict

After using this for a month we think this is easily the best smart lock out there for UK users. It works well every time, is super compatible with a range of doors and services and looks great.

We’re big fans of the HomeKit support out the box which saves Apple users from needing to spend an extra £89 on a bridge, we like the option of Homepage shortcuts and Siri Shortcuts too!

You can read our other reviews here or pick one up here.

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