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Switchbot Smart Humidifier Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

6th November 2022

A humidifier is a way of adding moisture into the air in your room which can help make your room feel more pleasant in warm environments and even help with skin dryness. In our Switchbot smart humidifier review we share our thoughts on Switchbot’s modern take on the humidifier and share whether the smart features make this a great smart-home device.

Design of the Smart Humidifier

The humidifier from Switchbot has a rounded design and a clear tank and white base and top. It looks modern and we like the design. The front has an indicator button/light, the side has a slot for essential oils and the back as a slot for the power cable.

This device is probably just a little too big for most bedside tables but at 11.6″ tool and 7″ wide and 7″ deep it’s not a massive device. When it comes to design the Switchbot Smart Humidifier doesn’t break the mould but the rounded approach compared to many of it’s competitors rectangular designs is very much welcome.

Switchbot Smart Humidifier Review – Price and Features

The Switchbot Smart Humidifier is really competitively priced at £70 and regular offers that see it drop even lower. If you want extra features such as out of home and voice control (Alexa, Google Assistant) then you’ll also need the £30 SwitchBot Hub Mini. You can read our review of the hub mini here.

For your £70 you get a device with a 3.5 litre tank and capable of covering 20-40 metres square. You can also adjust the direction using the nozzle on the top and the intensity (ranging from 1-100%) via the app.

The Switchbot Smart Humidifier connects to the Switchbot app (and Hub) via bluetooth and is super easy to set up taking less than 2 minutes.

The Switchbot App works with Apple and Android and using the Hub Mini you can also use the device with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts and IFTTT giving you lots of possibilities for using this device.

Finally, it has a max run time of 48 hours…although the water will have run out by then anyway!

Using the Switchbot Smart Humidifier

When it comes to using the smart humidifier you can turn it on or off using the button on the front or through using your voice.

Controlling the device through the Switchbot mobile app lets you control the mist intensity, set times and see when the water level gets low. There’s also an option to turn off the indicator light which is great for using the device at night without adding extra light into the room.

You can also set up smart scenes based on times of day and, where this gets really smart, is the ability to set up scenes based on other devices such as the Switchbot Temperature and Humidity sensor. This allows you to turn the device on and off based on the humidity levels in your room and see that the device really does have an impact.

In using this device we found that the various ways of using it worked well every time and the mist really does have a refreshing effect on your room…we just wish we had it during the last heatwave here in the UK! (But bring on summer 2023!)

The Verdict

All in all, the Switchbot Smart Humidifier adds all the right things for creating a smart version of a household device. It has a nice design, makes your room feel more refreshing and a decent size tank. In addition, the smart features allow you to automate and control the humidity of your room and, at £70 we think it’s pretty good value!

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