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The Best Car Phone Holder

By Mark's Tech Blogs

18th September 2019

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We don’t talk much about car phone holders…mostly because they’re not an exciting topic however as our phones become our main source of navigation on a journey they might be one of the most essential accessories.

So here is a blog going over 4 of the most popular types of car phone holder with some pro’s and con’s.

1 – The Cup Holder

Car Cup Mobile Phone Holder

If your car has a cup holder in between the front seats then this is one option.

These types of phone holders typically have a chunky base which expands to wedge it nice and snugly in your cup holder whatever size it is. They’re not the cheapest and tend to cost around £15 but they’re pretty solid.

Once you’ve got the holder fitted in your cup holder the adjustable arm and phone holder let’s you adjust it to get the perfect position and you can adjust it to fit whatever size phone you have. You can also slot in a charging cable.

– Your phone doesn’t obscure your view of the road
– Your phone is nice and secure

– If you’re using it for navigation you need it in your line of sight!

2 – The Vent Clip

Vent Clip Car Phone Holder

These are probably the cheapest ones out there and the most basic ones cost a few pounds on eBay. They also are pretty minimal which is nice.

There are two types of these…those that your phone clips into (as pictured) or those with magnets which mean sticking something to the back of your phone (or case).

They’re easy to fit and because they slot in a vent you have plenty of options.

– They’re really inconspicuous
– Plenty of places to fit one

– They occasionally fall out mid-drive…not fun!

3 – The Car Mount Clip 

Car Mount Clip Style holder

The car mount clip sits in the middle of the price bracket at £8 and is my favourite…but also the most niche!

It has a clip to attach to your car somewhere (mine fits nicely in the centre of my car because I have a ledge) but other pictures show it just in front of the steering wheel. The phone then slots in a clip-style mount which means when you’re not using it it’s out the way.

– It’s solid…your phone is not going to fall out!
– You can get it in the right line of site for navigation

– It’s pretty niche and won’t fit all cars

4 – The Suction Pad Holder 

This is probably the most common (and often the most ugly) one. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and vary massively in price although about £8 is the average.

They attach to your windscreen using the suction pad and clip in your phone. Some even come with a bonus sticker to let you attach it to your dashboard instead.

Once attached they tend to stay put although probably fall off once a year when the humidity changes!

– Widely available
– They let you put your phone wherever you like!

– Some are super-ugly
– They occasionally fall off

So, what’s the best one?

If you’ve got space to clip one on then the car mount clip is my favourite, it’s both secure and in the line of sight. However if you don’t then any of the others will do the job. I’ve linked one of each below for you to check out.


The Cup Holder Mount:
The Phone Clip:
The Car Vent Mount:
The Suction Mount:

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