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1By One Bluetooth Smart Scales Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

11th September 2019

If you’d prefer to watch a video review of these scales then click here!

1By One are a company making budget devices and one of their products are the 1By One Smart Body scales. These fit into the ever growing market of bluetooth scales.

These scales cost around £21 from Amazon with a choice of black or white. In my opinion they look pretty smart with their rounded edges. They’re also incredibly light. The top of them has resistant tempered glass and can take a weight of up to 180kg.

The scales are powered by 3 triple A batteries which even come in the box.

Standing on them causes them to act like a normal pair of scales and they tell you your weight in Kg or Lbs. You can choose which using the button on the base of the scales. It’s a shame there’s not a stone option but never mind!

However, using them with the 1byOne health app is where they really come into their own.

Once you’ve initially connected the scales in the 1byOne Health app all you need to do is open the app when you’re near the scales (and on them) and they automatically connect and show you your results. This app happens pretty instantly and the app shows some really useful information too.

It shows you your weight (you can choose whether you want it in KG, stone or Lbs) and your BMI at the top (calculated from your height data which you added when you set up your profile)

They also use the sensors on the device to calculate:

  • Percentage body fat
  • Visceral Fat
  • Percentage body water
  • Bone mass
  • Basel Metabolic rate

I can’t comment on how accurate they are as I’ve no other way to test it although the results are the same as my previous scales.

Tapping onto these pieces of data give you a handy scale to help you understand whether this is healthy or not.

The app also lets you track your data over time and you can set reminders to step on the scales. Other features let you weight a baby and add extra users to track the whole family!

Finally, you can also sync your data with a variety of other apps including Fitbit, Apple health and Google fit. This is great because it enables you to keep all your health data in one place, it even sends all those metrics across automatically once you’ve set it up.

All in all, for an incredibly reasonable price these scales look good, connect easily and seamlessly sync with other apps. If you’re looking for some connected scales on a budget then be sure to check these out.

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