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Mixcder E9 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

25th March 2019

A week ago I was sent a pair of the Mixcder E9 wireless noise cancelling headphones to review and so for the last 7 days I’ve switched out my Apple AirPods for these. This is my review.

First up, in the box you get a load of extra things: a aeroplane adapter, a microUSB cable, 3.5mm jack-to-jack cable and a sturdy (but a little large) carry case.

These headphones come with a matt-black finish all over apart from the sides of the headphones which have a glossy effect that looks like a vinyl record. They have physical buttons for switching on the ANC, play/pause/power and volume up/down. In my opinion, they look pretty good, sit comfortably on your head even for long periods of time and at 270g they’re pretty light too.

Inside these headphones you’ll find bluetooth 4 which gives a reasonable range (although not great through walls), a microphone for making calls, a 3.5mm jack port to enable you to use them as wired headphones and a microUSB port for charging. They also have indicator lights for when they’re charging and when the ANC is switched on.

Finally, for spec, they have a 500MaH battery which gives you (Mixcder say) 30 hours wireless running time (going down to 24 hours if you use ANC) and, if you use them as wired headphones they work for up to 80 hours. After using them for a week I was blown away by the battery life…it’s incredible!

Day to Day Use
As I said, I’ve been using these every day for a week for everything from commuting to working at the desk to running and I really like them. They sit really comfortably and have a pretty good sound.

I listen to lots of music (there’s literally everything from Taylor Swift to Slipknot in my collection) and overall the sound from these is really good. I personally found them quite bass-y (probably because I usually use AirPods) but you can adjust things like this to suit your preference in your devices audio settings.

In terms of volume they’re not the loudest headphones around but I’ve found 3/4’s volume is about the right level for me (and they don’t distort). I did try making a call with them and found that speaking with your ears covered feels really unnatural but also that the microphone was particularly effective meaning I repeated a lot of what I’d said!

I also found that they have relatively little lag so I’ve even been able to use them wirelessly to edit some video and watch some YouTube.

Finally, let’s talk about the noise cancelling. You can use this feature with or without music playing and it’s not the strongest ANC out there but for a budget pair of wireless ANC headphones it’s pretty good and it does make a noticeable difference, allowing you to listen to music at a quieter level whilst travelling without hearing loads of background noise.

Here are my pro’s and con’s…


  • Great pair of headphones for the price
  • Nice design
  • Good sound
  • Incredible battery life


  • ANC isn’t as strong as it could be
  • The shiny part of the headphones is a little prone to scuffing

If you’re considering some wireless headphones these are certainly worth checking out!

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