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Switchbot Thermometer and Hygrometer Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

16th September 2020

Switchbot recently reached out to me and sent me their thermometer and hygrometer monitor to review. After using it for a couple of weeks here’s my review. You can also watch a video review on my YouTube channel.

The Thermometer and Hygrometer is a small, plastic device with a LED screen (no backlight). It comes with 2 AAA batteries and a magnetic stick-on mount for sticking it on to a wall but you can also just place it onto a shelf.

Once it’s powered up the screen shows you the temperature and humidity level in your home plus the device’s battery level. You can also connect it to your phone using bluetooth and the Switchbot app allowing you to view graphs or data over hours, days, months, weeks and years. (The device itself stores up to 30 days of data).

It also has an impressive operating temperature working between -20 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius and humidity between 10% and 90%. This means you could even monitor the temperature of your fridge if you wanted to!

Once you’ve connected it to your phone you can see the temperature and humidity on your screen when you’re within the bluetooth range or if you hook it up to a Switchbot Hub mini you can monitor this anywhere in the world.

The other feature you gain when you hook it up to a Hub mini is the ability to ask Alexa for the temperature and hook it up to services such as IFTTT, allowing you to do things like turn on a plug (perhaps linked to a heater) when a temperature reaches a certain low.

And that’s it! The Swiss-made censors inside give you an accurate result, it’s got a great temperature range and costs just £25!

If you want one you can pick one up here and if you want the extra smart features you can get a Switchbot Hub Mini here.

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