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The Best Beach Boom Box for Summer 2021

By Mark's Tech Blogs

8th May 2021

With the 90’s revival in full swing and the need for us to spend more time outside this summer there has never been a better time to relive your childhood with a beach boombox! Here are out top picks of the best beach boom boxes for the summer.

What to look for in a beach boom box?

A beach boom box has got to have a few key features in order for it to meet your needs. For starters it needs to be loud enough so you can hear your favourite music over the sound of the seagulls, the crashing waves and other people. Secondly, you need something that’s got great battery life. You don’t want your favourite song to stop midway. Thirdly it needs to be versatile…you want to be able to stream from your phone or maybe even put on a CDs.

Our best picks for beach boom boxes

Best Sounding Beach Boombox – The SONOS Roam

We might be stretching the definition of a boombox here but the SONOS Roam is the best sounding of our picks and has been designed to be portable.

This pretty small speaker packs in an impressive sound (both in volume and quality) and gives you up to 10 hours play time. The SONOS beam is also waterproof and so is perfect for your summer beach trips and at 400 grams it’s not going to weight you down.

When you’re not at the beach you can connect this to your home WIFI and connect to it via Apple AirPlay 2 and use Alexa and Google Assistant making it your perfect companion wherever you are.

We love the SONOS Roam for it’s compact design, impressive battery life and BIG sound.

Most Versatile Beach Boom Box – The Vanku Portable Radio

For that 90’s vibe then you want to look at the Vanku Portable Radio. This black portable radio feels very 90’s but is packed with some 21st century technology…coming in at £80 it’s also pretty reasonable.

The Vanku Portable Radio doesn’t sound as good as the SONOS Roam but it’s truly a boom box and allows you to play CDs (which are making a comeback) and tune into the radio. You can also connect via bluetooth for streaming your favourite songs. You can even plug in headphones and it has an aux input.

Vanku’s portable radio also comes with an impressive 4000mAh battery which will give you 12 hours of playtime making it a great choice for the beach this summer. It also has a few timer and sleep functions which are nice to have too.

We love the Vanku Portable Radio because it’s truly a boombox for the 21st century allowing you to stream your music and play CDs. The size of it means you won’t be just throwing it in your bag but hey…the 90’s vibe is all about carrying a bigger boom box!

The Budget Option – Oakcastle CD200 Portable CD player Boombox

Our final choice is for those who want something for those occasional trips but don’t want to splash out a lot and at £35 the Oakcastle CD200 Portable Boombox has you covered.

The Oakcastle CD200 comes in a choice of bright pink, bright red or bright blue and just screams 80’s! It can play CDs, FM radio, let’s you connect via bluetooth, has an aux input and a USB stick reader. The speakers in this aren’t the most powerful coming in at 2 x 3W but your fellow beach guests will thank you.

The CD200 boombox also boasts an impressive 15-35 hours battery life when you put in 4 D batteries (which is super impressive) and it even comes with a 3 year warrantee.

We chose the Oakcastle other other budget options because it looks retro, packs a lot in for the cost and that 3 year warranty is a nice extra.

Be beach boombox ready this summer!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether retro is what you’re looking for or super-portable our three options above have you covered and whichever you choose we know you won’t regret picking up your new boombox for great times this summer!

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