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Nuki Bridge Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

22nd February 2023

The Nuki Bridge is an optional accessory to work with Nuki’s smart locks providing some extra features. In our Nuki Bridge review we share whether this £89 bridge is worth buying if you’re a Nuki smart lock user.

Who needs the Nuki Bridge?

Considering the high price-point of the Nuki Bridge, as you’ll see in this article, it’s uses are pretty limited and, for Apple users, it’s unlikely you’ll need this bridge thanks to the Nuki 3.0’s out-of-the-box HomeKit compatibility which, in turn, thanks to Apple HomePods or Apple TVs acting as a home hub gives you out-of-home access to your lock when you’re away.

This means, if you’re an android user wanting out-of-home access, someone who wants to use the lock with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant or, someone wanting the advanced features that come with the Nuki Web and Bridge APIs you might want to consider one of these.

Nuki Bridge Review – The Design, Specification and Setup.

The design of the bridge is simple. It’s a black rounded plug shape (for UK users, white in the EU). The front has a button and an indicator light and that’s it!

The specification is also pretty simple with it having built in bluetooth (for connecting to your lock) and Wifi (for connecting to your wifi). Ideally, you need to position it less than 5m from your Nuki lock.

Setup is also pretty simple and done by following the instructions in the Nuki App. If you have a Nuki 3.0 you may have to wait a few hours between setup and linking your lock to the bridge for the internal software to update but, once setup you just leave it to do its thing.

Nuki Bridge – Voice Assistants

For configuring the Nuki Bridge with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant you simply go into your look settings in the Nuki app, ensuring Nuki Web is switched on and then choose the appropriate assistant under the Features and Configuration settings. This then let’s you set it up with your voice assistant of choice.

As this is a security device your voice assistant will ask you to setup a security pin to use with the lock. This is requested when making voice commands to stop people shouting ‘Alexa, open front door’ through your letterbox.

Nuki Bridge – Out of home access

The Nuki Bridge brings out-of-home access via the Nuki app, allowing you to control and check the status of your lock when you’re away from home.

Apple users already have this feature via the Apple Home app without a bridge.

Nuki Web and Bridge API

For more advanced users the bridge allows you access to your lock via the Nuki web and app APIs. This is useful for setting up custom commands via a Raspberry Pi or even via Siri Shortcuts.

Commands setup with the web API work outside of your home whereas calls to the bridge API require you to be on your home wifi network.

These are great features for those wishing to get more creative with your lock!

Should you buy a Nuki Bridge?

At an eyebrow raising price point of £89 we personally think the Nuki Bridge is only really worth it if you’re an Android user or desperately want the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant features. For Apple users who don’t want advanced features such as the APIs then it’s really difficult to justify given its cost and, for what you get, a £50 price point would be much more suitable.

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