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Momax Airbox Go Portable Charger Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

30th November 2022

When it comes to portable chargers the market is massively saturated however, the Momax Airbox go caught our eye for a variety of reasons. In our Momax Airbox Go portable charger review we share why this is the best portable charger for Apple users and can also be your daily charger.

How much does the Airbox Go cost?

Currently you can only purchase the AirBox Go via the Momax website but it will be arriving on Amazon in December just in time for Christmas.

The cost, in our opinion, is the biggest obstacle and the $1,510 HK price tag translates to £160 or $190 US however, when you take into account that it’s Apple Certified and essentially combines the Apple Duo Charger and MagSafe power bank into one (and adds a load of extra features) we don’t think it’s bad value, although certainly an investment.

What is the Momax Airbox Go?

The Airbox go is a 3 in one portable charger from Momax which is certified by Apple and capable of charging your AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time…plus has the ability to charge an iPad mini via its USB-C port.

Inside the Airbox Go is a massive 10,000MaH battery which Momax claim can charge an iPad mini 1.5 times, your AirPods 26 times, your Apple Watch 16 times or your iPhone 3 times on a single charge. the Momax Airbox Go can also be used whilst plugged in making it a perfect bedside charger for all your Apple devices.

It’s also really compatible and works with any MagSafe iPhone (iPhone 12 and upwards), any Apple Watch and any AirPods with the newer, wireless charging AirPod Pro shaped case.

The Apple Certification means you know this is a safe product to use and has been signed off by Apple and it offers overload, overheating and short circuiting protection.

Finally, in the box you even get a little carry sleeve!

Momax Airbox Go: The Design

The design of the Airbox Go is pill-shaped with rounded edges. It measures 185mm long and 75mm wide with a thickness of 35mm which means it won’t be going into your pocket but can easily fit into your bag.

The majority of the body is white with a silver flap that lifts up revealing a pouch for your AirPods to sit in and charge. This silver flap has a slot which allows you to see the status light on your AirPods.

The top of the device on the side has indicator lights to show you the battery level and a charging light, a button to turn on the power and a USB-C socket which is used for charging the device but can also be used to charge a USB C device such as an iPad mini.

Finally, on top is the Apple Watch charger which lifts up allowing your watch to act as a bedside clock, a round MagSafe port and, the previously mentioned, opening flap and pocket for your AirPods.

All in all the design is nice and modern…personally we’d have liked it to be completely white but that’s personal preference!

the Momax Airbox go charging an Apple Watch

Using the Airbox Go every day

For the last month we’ve been putting it through its paces and have found it can easily keep up with charging AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch and that battery really delivers and would easily provide enough juice to cover your devices for a couple of days camping.

The MagSafe connection is pretty strong and even works through a non-magsafe light case and the AirPods fit nice and snugly into the pouch.

We also love that the Apple Watch charger raises up too for a bedside clock mode whilst charging.

The thing that sets this apart from other portable chargers is the ability to use it when plugged in as your every-day charger. This has massive advantages as it means you only need to travel with one charger rather than several but also, that if you use it at home as an everyday charger then it always has a charged battery when you want to take it on a trip…every other portable charger we own is always flat when we actually want it!

Momax Airbox Go Portable Charger Review – The Verdict

So, should you splash out and buy the Momax Airbox Go?

Whilst the price tag is expensive you get what you pay for and for your £160 you get a well-designed, Apple certified portable charger capable of charging all your Apple devices both plugged in and from battery power. The massive battery gives it plenty of juice for long journeys and trips and the design means no-more tangled cables in your travel bag.

All in all, this is the best portable charger for Apple users and certainly worth investing in.

You can pick one up from Amazon here and read our other reviews here. Finally, if you prefer video reviews check out our video review here.

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