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Can you use Meross MSS10 Without HomeKit?

By Mark's Tech Blogs

28th September 2021

In our recent review of the Meross MSS10 Smart Plug we shared the many great things about this budget-friendly Homekit compatible smart plug however lots of people ask ‘Can you use Meross MSS10 without HomeKit?’ so let’s answer that question.

What is the Meross MSS10 Smart Plug?

The Meross Smart Plug is a budget-friendly smart plug that allows you to control any device that plugs in with your phone. The thing that sets the Meross Smartplug apart from it’s budget competitors is that it is HomeKit compatible, allowing you to set it up in less than 1 minute using the Apple Home app and giving you control via the Home app on your iPhone, Watch, Mac or iPad and even using the iOS Control Center widget (which we love!).

However, the Meross MSS10HK is not just a great choice for Apple users but is a great choice for Android users too.

How do you control the Meross MSS10 without HomeKit?

If you don’t want to use HomeKit with the MSS10 then the Meross App comes to your rescue. You can set it up on the app whether you’ve previously set it up with HomeKit or not (great for Android users wishing to use these smart plugs) and from there you can hook your Meross account up to the Alexa Skill, the IFTTT skill and Google Assistant for advanced automations and voice control.

This makes the Meross Smart plug the perfect smart plug because it works with whatever eco-systems you use for your smart home and for those mixed Apple/Android households provides a perfect choice of compatibility.

We also found that the Meross MSS10 responds quicker than its competitors on the TUYA network which is great for speedy response times.

Where can you buy one?

The Meross MSS10 is available on Amazon for just £15 for one or £25 for a pack of two making it a great option for your smart home.

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