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Hagibis USB-C Hub with Hard Drive Enclosure for M1 Mac Mini – Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

31st May 2021

The M1 Mac Mini is a great performing Mac at a pretty reasonable price however you can easily fill up all those ports. We picked up a Hagibis USB-C Hub with Hard Drive enclosure to use for backups and to give us some extra ports. This is our review.

Hagibis USB-C Hub Specification

The Hagibis USB-C Hub with Hard Drive Enclosure has plenty of advantages for Mac users and packs a lot in.

The USB-C Hub gives you:

  • Enclosure for 1 2.5″ SATA hard drive
  • 4 USB inputs (traditional USB…not USB C)
  • Memory card slots fo MicroSD and SD cards
  • Connects to your Mac via USB C cable (included).

The Design of the Hub

One of the things that first made me pick one of these up was the design. It’s been designed to take up the same space as the Mac Mini which means you can sit it under or above your Mac Mini which means it looks really good. It’s made of metal (with a plastic cover on the base for adding the hard drive) and the rear of it is where the USB output for connecting it to your Mac is giving you all the ports at the front (super handy).

This is a great looking, well built device…it’s worth mentioning however that the plastic cover for getting to the hard drive enclosure does feel like the weak point with this product and doesn’t feel like it’s great quality.

Setting up and Using the Hagibis USB-C Hub

Setting up the Hagibis Hub is easily. You open up the base and add in your hard drive (we recommend using a SSD drive for fast data transfer) and then you connect it to your Mac and everything just works.

We’ve been running it with Time Machine for backups and data transfer speeds are really impressive thanks to that USB C connection and the SSD drive. Whereas an initial Time Machine backup can take days with a large amount of data on a traditional Hard Drive this took hours! (We’ve put some SSD recommendations at the end of this article).

Should you buy a Hagibis USB-C Hub?

We think this is the best of the Hubs out there especially for Mac Mini users largely because it also includes a hard drive enclosure for those essential backups. If you’re looking to add more ports, memory card slots and easily backup your Mac then we’d recommend looking at this. Its size and design make it the ultimate Mac Mini accessory.

We’re currently working on a video and written review of the M1 Mac Mini so check out our YouTube channel and reviews page to be the first to see it.

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