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AOC C32G2AE/BK Curved Monitor Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

6th September 2022

When it comes to shopping for monitors the choice is huge and the main differences boil down to screen size, screen shape, inputs and resolution. In this article we share our AOC C32G2AE/BK curved monitor review and hopefully help you decide whether to pick one up.

Before we even start this review let me explain that whilst this is marketed as a gaming monitor I’ve been using it for my everyday work as a programmer and web developer and it’s great for every day use!


Let’s start by talking about pricing. This monitor retails at £269 which pretty much makes it one of the lowest price curved monitors of this size you can get for the price. This makes it a really attractive option…but only if it performs well (spoiler: it does!).

AOC C32G2AE/BK Specification

The most important thing to talk about when it comes to monitors beyond how it actually looks when you use it is the specification.

The AOC C32G2AE/BK packs a pretty impressive spec:

  1. It has a 31.5″ curved screen. The curve radius is 1500mm which means it’s a relatively subtile curve but certainly noticeable. Curved monitors are great for bringing the edges closer and making it more comfortable for your eyes when using a larger screen.
  2. It can support resolutions up to 1920 by 1080p giving it a great quality although not as high as 4k monitors.
  3. A 240hz refresh rate – This is really impressive and makes everything super-smooth on this monitor
  4. 300cd/m brightness – When it comes to brightness stats aren’t always helpful but this monitor is plenty bright enough…I don’t even have it on full brightness most the time.
  5. It is packed with inputs! – The monitor has 1 display port input and 2 HDMI’s. There is also a 3.5mm audio output which is helpful for HDMI users as the monitor doesn’t have speakers.

Finally, inside the box you get a power cable, HDMI cable, DisplayPort Cable, Audio Cable and a stand although you can also mount the monitor.

The Design

The design of the AOC C32G2AE/BK is really nice. It has nice slim bezels and a red strip at the bottom. The curve looks great and having the buttons on the front makes them easy to get to.

It’s also pretty slim compared to other monitors I’ve used and the base also looks really smart, also with a nice red detailed ring on it.


Setting up the monitor

As with most monitors, set up is pretty easy. You simply plug it into your computer and you’re away. You can select the input on the monitor but the auto select is pretty good. I run both my work and personal Mac computers into the monitor with different inputs and it picks it up with no problem. I’ve tried running my Mac on DisplayPort and HDMI and both look great!

If you want to dive into the settings the buttons are found on the bottom right hand side and, as with most monitors, are pretty bad to navigate but once you work out how there’s a few nice features including a anti-blue-light setting which is great for your eyes and something I use a lot.

What’s it like to use everyday?

This has been my every day monitor for the last 2 months and it’s perfect. It looks great on my desk, responds really quickly, doesn’t have too much glare and has features to help me look after my eyes whilst using it for extended periods of time.

I’m a big fan of curved monitors as it brings the edges of large screens closer and makes the big screen more comfortable to work with. I also think the size is perfect as there’s loads of space for multiple windows.

AOC C32G2AE/BK Curved Monitor Review – Our Verdict

If you haven’t guessed it from our review we love the AOC C32G2AE/BK monitor. It looks great and performs really well at a really affordable price. On top of that AOC monitors come with 3 year warranties.

You can shop for AOC monitors here or read our other reviews here.

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