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All-New Kindle (with front light) Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

24th April 2019

A few weeks ago Amazon upgraded the entry model of their Kindle.

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The all-new Kindle (as Amazon call it) retails at £69.99 with adverts or £79.99 without. The adverts only appear on the lock screen and home screen (not within books) and so I’m not sure it’s worth spending an extra £10!

It comes in an incredibly slim box which contains the Kindle, a USB cable and instructions (no mains plug adapter…but who needs another one!)

The design is similar to previous Kindles (although with more rounded edges than my previous 7th gen). It’s easy to grip and a huge amount of accessories are available to personalise it (I’ve gone for a nice grey cover which wakes up my Kindle when I open it).

It’s really light (although 10g heavier than the previous model) and comfortable to hold in one hand for long periods of time.

Inside you’ll find 4gb storage (fine for lots of books but if you want loads of Audiobooks you might struggle), wifi and bluetooth. Bluetooth is used for connecting wireless headphones.

The screen is a 6″ glare-free screen with a 167ppi resolution. This is a good size and clear to read even in bright sunlight. The e-ink style makes it much easier on the eyes than a tablet.

Amazon’s battery life description of ‘weeks of battery life’ isn’t helpful but it has a decent battery…after 2 weeks of use I still have some battery left although battery life is worse than my previous Kindle (probably due to the backlight).

The biggest new feature on what is essentially an incremental update is the new backlight. This is the first time the base model has had a light and this means you can keep reading in the dark without needing an external light.

It has 4 LEDs (1 less than the paper white) and even on the lowest setting it’s bright enough to read in the dark…a new feature worth upgrading for!

As with other Kindle’s you can buy books on the device, email documents to it (such as PDFs) and the screen is pretty responsive.

Overall this is easily the best e-reader around, it’s works well, has all the features you’ll want and gives you access to the huge library of books on offer from Kindle. The only reason you might splash out on a Kindle Paperwhite over this would be for more memory or a waterproof device.

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