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Best Smart Smoke Detectors

By Mark's Tech Blogs

31st July 2021

As we automate our homes and have access to key information about our homes when we’re away smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are lagging behind. In this article we share the best smart smoke detectors on the market today.

1. Google Nest Protect – Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Our first pick (and the most expensive option) is the Google Nest Protect. The Nest Protect from Google comes with wired or wireless options and costs around £95 for one or £239 for a pack of 3. Whilst the price tag is quite high it’s easily the best looking alarm on our list with a great modern look.

The alarm itself has a split spectrum smoke sensor to detect both fast and slow burning fires, it can send alerts to your phone, has a built-in light to light the way for you and the alarm itself can also speak. The CO sensor also means you’ll know if there are high levels of carbon monoxide in your home.

The smart features mean that wherever you are you can know about a potential fire or high levels of carbon monoxide at home. The app also let’s you know when the battery is low and Google claim that it checks itself over 400 times a day and with a built in steam checker you don’t need to worry about your shower setting off your alarm.

2. X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm

Next up in our pick of the best smart smoke detectors is the X-Sense Wi-Fi smoke alarm. This is a more budget friendly option costing just £26 for one or £60 for a pack of three. It’s profile isn’t as slim as the Nest but it still looks pretty good.

This particular model uses the Smart Life / TUYA app which means it will work with various other smart home devices and is likely to be compatible with a Raspberry Pi and HomeBridge for more advanced users.

The X-Sense Smoke Alarm has a replaceable lithium battery and can send you alerts to the app and even allows you to temporarily silence the alarm (useful if you burn the toast!). Like the Nest Protect it has self-check functions and will let you know if there’s any problems or if the battery is running low. X-Sense say that it has rapid and accurate detection and a 85db alarm.

The only downside of this product is the lack of carbon monoxide detection but at £26 it’s a great price for a great product.

3. TUYA Smart Wifi CO Smoke Alarm

Our final pick is the Tuya Smart Wifi CO Smoke detector. This one retails at just over £10 making it super affordable. It’s also got a slim profile and nice white design and in our opinion is better looking than the Nest Protect.

Like all our other picks the Tuya Smart alarm connects via Wifi and can send alerts to your phone. Despite it’s low price it complies to EU standards and can detect both Carbon Monoxide and Smoke which makes it a great all-rounder. It will send alerts to your phone using the TUYA app and the platform means you should be able to use it with HomeBridge.

The Best Smart Smoke Detectors – Which to choose?

That’s our pick for the best smart smoke alarms. There’s not many out there but these 3 do the job well. If you’ve got the budget then the Nest is our favourite especially as it fits in nicely with Google’s Ecosystem however if you’re on a tight budget then the TUYA option is well worth checking out.

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