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TECKIN Smart Plug Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

2nd June 2021

Smart plugs are a great way to easily make your dumb devices smart and replace the traditional timer plug. In our TECKIN smart plug review we’ll share why this budget smart plug is a great choice for the majority of people looking for a smart plug.

TECKIN Smart Plug Design

TECKIN have two versions of their smart plug out there and whilst both function the same they look different. The two smart plug designs on offer from TECKIN are a rounded version and a square version.

Both of the designs of the TECKIN smart plug take a small form-factor and have a power button with a light on the side. These both look good and present a non-bulky smart plug option.

How to Set Up a TECKIN Smart Plug

Setting up one of the TECKIN smart plugs is pretty easy. You can download the TECKIN or Smart Life app and follow the on-screen instructions for adding a plug. If you wanted to know where your data is stored you might even consider using the ‘Hey I’m Home’ app which, whilst is designed for their products also works with TECKIN products. (Read more about Hey! I’m Home here). Once set up you can use the app to turn your device on or off, set schedules and times and connect to Siri Shortcuts, IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa allowing your dumb device to be smart.

Are TECKIN Smart Plugs any good?

When it comes to living with a TECKIN smart plug day-to-day they’re really good for the price and work every time. I use Alexa devices and so rarely open the app and just control the switch with my voice and it works perfectly every time. In the summer I quite often use the timer function for a fan and again, this works every time. I’m yet to be let down by these smart plugs.

The only downside is the lack of HomeKit support for Apple users however this applies to most budget options for smart plugs with the exception of the Meross Smart Plug, a HomeKit compatible smart-plug. However, if you use the TUYA app (another compatible app) then you can use a Raspberry Pi and HomeBridge to add your TECKIN smart plugs into your Apple Home app.

Our Verdict on the TECKIN Smart Plug

When it comes to a TECKIN smart plug review what you really want us to tell you is whether you should buy one or not and we would certainly recommend these. They work well, are nice and easy to set up and have a compact design that won’t look ugly around your house.

You can pick one up using one of our links below…we certainly recommend picking up more than one as the bigger packs are better value.

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