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SwitchBot Remote Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

21st August 2022

If you’ve been around with us at Mark’s Tech Blogs for a while you’ll know that we love SwitchBot products. SwitchBot make products that allow you to upgrade your existing items through their smart curtains and smart button pushers. Today, we bring you the Switchbot remote review, a dive into an accessory to help you operate your Switchbot devices with the push of the button.

What is the SwitchBot Remote?

The SwitchBot Remote is a small, two button device which can be stuck onto anything you want using the included sticky pads which allows you to control your Switchbot devices or scenes.

Much like SwitchBot’s other products it pairs with the SwitchBot app and works via bluetooth or using the SwitchBot Hub Mini for an extended range. Costing around £20 it’s also a nice affordable accessory.

Setting Up the SwitchBot Remote

Setting up the remote is super easy, you unpack it, pull out the tab to activate the battery (which can last up to 600 days) and then pair it with the SwitchBot app.

In the SwitchBot app you then choose which device or scene to operate using the button whether that’s your curtains, a timer or a scene combining several devices.

Using the SwitchBot Remote

Once it’s all setup then using the SwitchBot Remote is really easy. You simply push the button for the action you want to carry out and that action happens.

These devices are perfect for when you don’t want to control your devices with your voice or app, or, if you have guests in a room with Switchbot Devices in they might need to operate.

SwitchBot Remote Review – The Verdict

And that’s it! That’s the review. This is a super small, light device with impressive battery that can enhance your SwitchBot devices and at just £20 (with regular offers seeing it drop to £15) it’s really good value!

You can pick one up here

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