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SwitchBot Hub Mini vs Hub 2

By Mark's Tech Blogs

7th April 2023

With the release of the SwitchBot Hub 2 you may be asking which of the two Hubs on offer from Switchbot you should purchase, if the Hub 7 is worth the (over double of the Hub Mini) price-point or if you should upgrade. In our SwitchBot Hub Mini vs Hub 2 we share what’s the same, what’s new and if you should upgrade.

SwitchBot Hub Mini vs SwitchBot Hub 2 – What’s the same?

Both the SwitchBot Hub Mini and SwitchBot Hub 2 offer some of the same features

Out of home control

Both devices allow you to use your Switchbot devices when you’re out of bluetooth range with your smartphone and when you’re out of home, allowing you to control your blinds, curtains, lights etc when you’re away

Use Scenes and Voice Assistants

Again, both Hubs allow you to set scenes and automations in the Switchbot app. In addition to this they also allow you to control your Switchbot devices using Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts

Infrared Relay

If you are constantly rummaging for your remote control then the ability to teach your Hub your remote control and then use it via your smartphone or even via voice control and scenes then both Hubs allow you to do this. It’s worth saying that the range/strength of this is better on the Hub 2.

SwitchBot Hub Mini and Hub 2 Comparison – What’s new?

It wouldn’t be a new product without new features so here’s everything new with the Hub 2

Matter Support

The introduction of Matter support for Switchbot devices via the Hub 2 is great news for Apple Home users and Google Home users as it allows Switchbot devices to appear in those Home apps allowing for better integration with other smart home devices. This is currently limited to Blind and curtain 2 devices but with the promise of more on the way via firmware updates.

New Temperature and Humidity Sensors

The new temperature and humidity sensors on the Hub 2 which can also appear in your Google and Apple Home apps allow you to easily check these metrics for your home. The Hub 2 even displays these on it’s display.

New Design!

We put this last as it’s not a feature as such but we like the new design, it has a nice display and rounded body. It can be wall mounted or free standing and even has a couple of buttons for controlling scenes you can set via the app.

Which Hub should you buy?

If you’re just starting out on your Switchbot journey then for Apple and Google Home users the Hub 2 is the best choice as it offers extra features and will future-proof your smart home devices.

If you’re on a tight budget then the £30 Hub Mini is still a great product!

Should I upgrade my Hub Mini to a Hub 2?

If any of the new features above make you go ‘I wish I had that’ then the Hub 2 upgrade is for you! For us, the HomeKit integration makes it worthwhile alone!


If you’re trying to decide if the Hub Mini or Hub 2 is right for you then we hope this article helped you. We have a Hub Mini review here and a Hub 2 review here too plus purchase links below.

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