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Posted on the 31st January 2020

Zigma Spark Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Zigma Spark is a smart vacuum and mop. Why bother hoovering when it can be automated?

Posted on the 3rd January 2020

Pixel Universal Video Microphone for Smartphones and DSLR Cameras with Shock Mount – Full Review

Read on for the written review, click here to watch the video review or pick one up on Amazon here.…

Posted on the 28th December 2019

Apeman C860 Dual Cam Dash Cam Review

Read on for the full written review, check out the video review on my YouTube channel here or click here…

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Dashcams Reviews
Posted on the 16th October 2019

Ring Door View Cam Review

The Ring Door View Cam is the latest smart doorbell from Amazon owned company ‘Ring’. Read on for the review,…

Posted on the 24th September 2019

iLife V3s Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Review

Robot vacuum cleaners once seemed like something out of the Jetsons but now they’re widely available and the iLife V3S…

Posted on the 18th September 2019

The Best Car Phone Holder

To watch a video version of this blog on my YouTube channel click here We don’t talk much about car…

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Posted on the 11th September 2019

1By One Bluetooth Smart Scales Review

If you’d prefer to watch a video review of these scales then click here! 1By One are a company making…

Posted on the 4th September 2019

Ordering Your Apple Watch Wallet Payment Cards

Ever wondered how to easily update the order of your payment cards on your Apple Watch without removing them? It’s…

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Posted on the 28th August 2019

Tile Mate Review

A full review of the Tile Mate bluetooth tracker

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Posted on the 20th August 2019

The Best Travel Tech Essentials

Now, if you’re like me then even when you’re on holiday (or vacation as they say in the USA) you…

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Posted on the 29th May 2019

iRig Pro Duo USB Recording Device Review

The iRig Pro Duo USB recording device from IKMultimedia has been around a while but is still worth a review.…

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Posted on the 2nd May 2019

Zoom IQ5 Lightning Microphone Review

A review of the Zoom IQ5 external microphone for iPhone and iPad.

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