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Pinter Announce the Pinter 3

By Mark's Tech Blogs

17th January 2023

Pinter, the company behind the smart fresh beer device have today announced the Pinter 3.

The Pinter 3 follows the rocky, and short-lived life of the Pinter 2 which saw a mass product recall over pressure issues and numerous issues with the tap.

What’s new with the Pinter 3?

The Pinter 3 sees a redesign with some small differences from the Pinter 2 including weighing 45% less than the Pinter 2, new feet on the end and base (one of which can be removed to release any liquid trapped in the body).

It also comes in 3 colours, deep grey, electric blue and rich red (a naming convention clearly inspired by Apple).

The dock for the Pinter 3 has also been updated and Pinter say it is easier to attach now than ever, and, old docks can now be turned into plastic pellets and used to create new docks…a sustainable option we love!

Most importantly, following on from a live stream months ago where Pinter promised a new, improved tap this new tap arrives…gone are the awkward-to-clean coils and, gone, should be the days of no pour from the Pinter.

Is the Pinter 3 Tap compatible with the Pinter 2?

Yes! The new and improved tap will be able to be purchased separately for £29.99 and will work with the Pinter 2. This is great news for Pinter 2 users struggling with the existing tap.

How much will the Pinter 3 cost?

The Pinter 3 is set to cost £99 including the device, dock and tap or £69 for a co-pinter. This sees a smaller retail price than the existing Pinter 2 which starts at £129.99.

When will the Pinter 3 be released?

There is currently no release date set for the Pinter 3 or new tap, but, with sales of the Pinter 2 now officially on hold we’d expect it to be pretty soon and we’ll update this post as soon as we know!


That’s it! An exciting announcement from Pinter that addresses a lot of frustrations people find with the Pinter 2…will the Pinter 3 really fix everything? We’ll be getting our hands on one as soon as we can so we can review it and let you know!

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