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Pinter 3 Discount Code – Pinter 3 and Active Pour Tap Now On Sale

By Mark's Tech Blogs

22nd February 2023

In this article we share the exciting news that the Pinter 3 and new active pour tap go on sale today however, you’re probably here for a discount code so just follow this link to get £20 off your order (if you’re an existing Pinter customer just use a different email address!)

Pinter 3

After announcing the Pinter 3 a couple of months ago after all sorts of issues and product recalls with the Pinter 2 the Pinter 3 has now gone on sale at a starting price of £99 including a free glass.

The Pinter 3 includes an improved dock and tap plus a completely redesigned body with lighter materials and taptic areas on the tap, hopper and carbonation dial to make them easier to remove.

In addition to that all sorts of other issues have been addressed including water gathering inside the Pinter body which can now be released.

We’re excited to get our order in and try out the new Pinter and will bring you a review as soon as we receive it early April.

Active Pour Tap and Dock

The new and improved tap and dock are backwards compatible with the Pinter 2 and the Active Pour Tap can be purchased separately for £29.99. We’ve got one of these ordered and will bring a review on that shortly!


We’re excited about the next chapter of Pinter and will be sure to keep bringing you updates!

Thanks for reading. You can save £20 off your Pinter 3 or Active Pour Tap order by using our link.

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