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Teminice 4 in 1 Wireless Charger Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

14th July 2020

A few months back I picked up the Teminice 4 in 1 Wireless Charger from Amazon and this is my review.

Spoiler…I now own two of these!

If you’re well and truly part of the Apple ecosystem then you probably have a need for something that can charge your phone, watch, AirPods and pencil (1st gen) at once.

You’ve also probably noticed that most ‘all in one’ chargers require you to wire your existing Apple Watch charger in…which is great if you don’t want to use it anywhere else but it doesn’t give you a spare charger to use.

This is where the Teminice charger differs.

Out of the box you get the charger itself and a USB C cable…it doesn’t come with a USB to socket but any USB plug will work with it (and let’s be honest, we probably all have some of these kicking around!).

The design is pretty simple. It’s got rounded black edges, a status light on the front and a USB C socket on the back. The phone/watch charger has two upright positions and folds flat giving you a choice of setup. I think it looks pretty good!

In terms of spec, it charges any phone that supports wireless charging (with the case on your phone!) and has 10w, 7.5w and 5w modes depending on your phone*, it gives 2w to your watch, 2w to your pencil and 5w to your AirPods…if your AirPods support wireless charging you can charge them on the pad or the dock.

*For the 10w charging to work you’ll need a 10w charging brick!

It also has built in heat protection which means it doesn’t get hot when charging your devices…and, unlike many Apple Watch chargers out there it actually chargers your watch (although I find you need to angle it to the left slightly because of the strap weight).

And that’s all there is to say really…

The Teminice 4 in 1 charger is probably the best Apple charger out there. It works well, doesn’t get too hot, is portable and looks great!

You can pick one up from Amazon here.

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