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Switchbot Announces Hub 2 & Matter Support

By Mark's Tech Blogs

5th January 2023

Today Switchbot, the company behind a massive variety of smart home products, announced support for Matter and the new Hub 2. In this article we’ll share the key information and what impact it will have on Switchbot users.

What is Matter?

Matter is a new smart home standard which has been agreed on by a huge amount of companies including Apple, Google and Amazon (plus key players such as TUYA, Switchbot and Philips Hue). Matter will aim to create a core way in which smart home devices interact with each other which will allow you to use them across a variety of platforms and will illuminate the need to lots of hubs around your home.

To put it simply, Matter means that compatible smart home products will play nicely with each other. This will be the end of consumers looking for ‘comparable with Alexa’ or ‘HomeKit Compatible’ devices as Matter support will ensure this. You can read more about Matter here.

Does Matter mean I’ll need to upgrade my smart home products?

No. Some products will gain support for Matter via software updates whereas other will just continue to work as they did which means if you’re happy with your smart home setup you don’t need to do anything.

Switchbot Matter Support

Today, Switchbot announced the introduction of Matter. Their existing devices will become compatible with Matter throughout the year thanks to the new Hub 2 (more on that below) starting with their Curtain 2 device from March and then rolling out across their other devices.

This is great news as it will improve speed, make setup simpler and make Switchbot’s products compatible with a bigger range of smartphone platforms including native Apple Home support.

What is the Switchbot Hub 2?

The new Switchbot Hub 2 combines matter over wifi support for their existing devices alongside a display showing the temperature and humidity which will also display in your Apple and Google Home apps. In addition to this the Hub 2 will continue to have the IR remote feature found in the Switchbot Hub Mini which allows you to control remote controls via your phone.

When will the Switchbot Hub 2 be released?

We don’t yet have a release date for the Switchbot Hub 2 but their website talks about March matter certification so we should expect it around March-May time.

Exciting News!

The matter announcement signifies the first of a whole host of announcements we think we’ll be getting about matter compatible products this year. Matter is going to bring in a whole new season for the smart home and here at Mark’s Tech Blogs we just can’t wait!

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