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Oral B Genius X Smart Electric Toothbrush Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

2nd May 2022

The Oral B Genius X is a smart toothbrush which provides realtime brushing feedback to your phone and can track your brushing thanks to AI technology but, with a RRP of £300 and a usual price of around £110 if you shop around is a smart toothbrush worth it? Read on for our Oral B Genius X smart electric toothbrush review.

What’s in the box?

The Oral B Smart Electric toothbrush comes with a travel case which matches the toothbrush colour, a charger (which connects to your standard bathroom charger) and the toothbrush itself along with a toothbrush head that also matches your brush (in my case black).

There’s also the usual instructions but all you really need to get started is the Oral B app!

Oral B Genius X Smart Electric Toothbrush: Specification

The Oral B Genius X is packed with technology to truly make it a smart toothbrush.

Whilst the design looks like most electric toothbrushes (although I like the black because it looks more modern) the actual brush has two buttons, one for status and one for power, lights for the different brushing modes (it has 6 modes: daily clean, pro clean, sensitive, whitening, gums and tongue) and an indicator light at the top which changes colour if you’re brushing too hard and can be set to a variety of colours via the app.

The AI built into the brush allows it (via bluetooth) to relay to your smartphone app in realtime where in your mouth you’re brushing, this builds up a picture of the quality of your brushing overall as you go.

The brush also changes oscillation very slightly every 30 seconds to indicate where in the brushing cycle you are.

Setting up the tooth brush is as simple as downloading the Oral B app and following the on screen instructions.

Finally, Oral B claim this has 2 weeks of battery life based on 2 minutes brushing twice a day but I’ve found 3 weeks if quite easily do-able…it’s unusual for companies to under estimate their battery performance!

Using the Oral B Genius X

For the most part using the Oral B Genius X is like using every electric toothbrush out there, you pick it up, turn it on and brush. If you want to use the smart features you just need to open the app beforehand. The toothbrush connects to your phone really quickly and works every time.

Once you start brushing the app shows you in real time where you’re brushing and shows you how long you’ve been brushing for. The screen makes your teeth whiter the longer you brush in a specific area diving your mouth into 6 sections, left, middle and right for top and bottom. Visually, this is easy to follow and really helpful for brushing well and I’ve found that in 1 month of using it the AI accurately knows where I am, although usually expects you to start at the front so can take a few seconds initially to catch up.

At the end of brushing you’re asked if you’ve flossed, brushed your tongue and used mouthwash plus if you’ve had gum bleeding, allowing you to build up and log a bigger picture of your dental hygiene.

Using the Oral B Genius X via the smartphone app for real time brushing feedback

The app then shows you a % based brushing score and lets you compare your previous brushing, allowing you to dive into all sorts of stats and data. You can even sync the time spent brushing into your Apple Health app.

In addition to showing you lots of data the app shows you the battery level of your brush (really helpful) and lets you choose coaching options (e.g. to focus on gum health), change a few settings including the time you want to brush for each time and lets you choose brushing modes.

For me, I’ve just kept it on daily mode and looked at the summaries. The extra modes and coaching are nice to have but a little gimmicky however the realtime feedback has genuinely been helpful.

Is it time to buy the Oral B Genius X?

Smart toothbrushes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and at some huge prices however many of these don’t provide realtime feedback or (in the case of the £300-500 brushes) don’t offer anything more than the Genius X. For this reason, when you can pick up the Oral B Genius X for £100-110 it’s actually good value with really helpful, health-improving AI features that work well with the smartphone app every time.

If you’d like to watch a video review you can watch one here.

Pick one up here: Oral B Genius X Black, Oral B Genius X White, Oral B Genius X Rose Gold

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