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Black Friday Deals on Smart Blinds

By Mark's Tech Blogs

24th November 2021

Black Friday is fast approaching and whilst the majority of deals aren’t actually as good as they make out there are a few great prices to be had, especially from companies like SOMA who rarely do sales. This post is all about the SOMA Black Friday deals but we’ll also be sharing any good deals we come across for other smart home products on twitter.

Who Are SOMA?

SOMA are a relatively small brand with a focus on make existing blinds smart. They have two core products, the SOMA Smart Shades and the SOMA Tilt alongside a modified Raspberry Pi called the SOMA Connect which is used to allow HomeKit support, voice assistant support and out of home control (if you’re buying any of SOMA’s products you need the Connect to get the most out of it…although you can also download the Raspberry Pi image on their site and use your own Raspberry Pi).

What is the SOMA Tilt?

The SOMA Tilt is a product designed for use with Venetian blinds and will allow your blinds to be tilted using your phone or voice. The SOMA Tilt is basically a motor that you attach where your twist-to-open rod used to be. (We wrote a full review here).

In using the Tilt for over 6 months now we’ve found that it works well especially with HomeKit and voice assistant support (we actually don’t use the Smart Shades app ever!) and have also found that thanks to the included solar panel it never needs charging.

The SOMA Tilt is a great option is you want to make your Venetian blinds smart.

When it comes to Black Friday deals on smart blinds SOMA are offering 25% off a single pack (bringing it down to £96) and a whopping 40% off a pack of 4 which cost just £309 (a saving of nearly £200). You can shop for these deals here.

What is the SOMA Smart Shades?

The SOMA Smart Shades is a motor designed for using with traditional cord blinds (think roller blinds). The Smart Shades attach to your existing cord and basically do all the twisting for you. They allow you to set routines, control it out of home and from Apple’s HomeKit app (SOMA Connect required). In addition, they also come with solar panels allowing you to charge them for free!

For Black Friday 2021 SOMA are offering a single Smart Shades 2 for £96 (saving 25%) and a 4 pack for £309 (saving 40%). You can buy them at this great price here.

What is the SOMA Connect?

If you’re buying any of these above products you’ll want to add a SOMA Connect into your basket. The SOMA connect is a pre-configured Raspberry Pi for SOMA’s products that allows you to use your blinds with Google, Alexa and HomeKit and, in our opinion, is an essential to get the most out of the Smart Shades and Tilt products.

Sadly, there’s no Black Friday deals on these but they only cost £42.50 which is less than buying the equivalent Raspberry Pi and casing would cost you.

Summary: Black Friday Deals on Smart Blinds

All in all, finding products that let you upgrade rather than replace your blinds are few and far between and SOMA’s offerings work well with the added bonus of being able to be solar powered. SOMA have some great prices on for Black Friday and it’s certainly worth checking them out.

*Please note that whilst our opinions on products is completely honest and independent we do use affiliate links to help us keep our site running.

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