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Best Alexa Bulbs GU10

By Mark's Tech Blogs

19th January 2022

Spotlight or GU10 bulbs can be a great way to add a more balanced spread of light to your rooms and can create a softer feel to your room. Using GU10 Alexa bulbs can give you that extra level of ambience allowing you to change colours, brightness and warmth to really set the mood. In our best Alexa Bulbs GU10 article we outline the best options for you regardless of budget.

Philips Hue GU10 – Alexa Smart Bulbs

At the top of our list and also the most expensive are the GU10 bulbs in the Philips Hue range. We love the Philips Hue range because they work well across voice assistants (especially Amazon Alexa), are Apple HomeKit compatible and are incredibly reliable.

The Hue GU10 bulbs come in a choice of colour, white or white ambience. They start at £14 per bulb for the white bulb, going up to £20 per bulb for the white ambience (which is the type we recommend unless you really want colours) and £40 per bulb for the coloured variant.

Whilst being the most expensive option in our list the Hue bulbs offer plenty of brightness, great energy saving credentials and have an app that is easy to use. The bulbs are bluetooth enabled and connect to the Hue Bridge to give you out of home control.

They also work with Amazon and Google voice assistants allowing you to set colours, brightness and warmth using your voice and are also HomeKit compatible allowing you to control bulbs easily using the Apple Home App and Siri.

All in all, whilst the most expensive we think the Hue’s are the best choice if you have the money to spend as they are widely compatible and will last a long time from our experience of using Hue bulbs.

Best Alexa Bulbs GU10 – Budget Choice – Lepro Wifi Smart Bulbs

If you’re on a budget but still want smart bulbs then the Lepro Wifi Smart bulbs are a great choice coming in at just under £30 for a pack of 4. To make things even better these bulbs don’t require a separate Hub either.

Boasting a LED equivalent of 50W these led bulbs are cheap to run and offer enough brightness (although they’re certainly better on white than colour). They also operate as part of the TUYA network like many other budget smart home devices including smart plugs allowing you to use one Smart Life app for all your budget smart home products.

If voice assistance is a must-have for you then these bulbs also work with both Amazon and Google voice assistants.

For the price of these you can’t go wrong especially if you want the ability to add some colour ambience to your home.

INNR Smart LED Spotlights

Our final pick is for those who wish to take advantage of the Philips Hue app and network but not spend £40 per coloured bulb and this is where the INNR Smart LED coloured spotlight bulbs come in because they are compatible with Philips Hue making them a great choice for new and existing Hue users coming in at £50 for a 2 pack.

Much like all the other bulbs in this post the INNR bulbs are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. These bulbs can be run via the Hue app, Samsung’s SmartThings app or INNR’s own app giving you a few choices depending on your existing setup. The great thing is that they also don’t require a separate bridge.

One thing to note however for existing Hue users is that these compatible bulbs do not appear in your Apple Home app.

Conclusion – Best Alexa Bulbs GU10

In conclusion, if you’re looking for Alexa compatible GU10 bulbs for your smart home then any of the choices we’ve outlined would be great. As always, if you have the money to spend we think Hue are the best choice however smart home products on the TUYA network like the Lepro bulbs can allow you to combine different manufacturers products without having to have lots of apps.

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