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AICOCO Intelligent Smart Live Streamcam Review

By Mark's Tech Blogs

13th June 2022

The 2k intelligent live streamcam from AICOCO is the latest in the growing variety of AI powered webcams to hit the market. In this article we bring you a AICOCO Intelligent Smart Live Streamcam Review with our verdict on this product.

The Cost

Let’s start with cost because this isn’t a cheap camera (although is still around half the price of the OBSBOT Tiny which we reviewed a while ago). The AICOCO Intelligent Smart Live Streamcam comes in at around $160 but you can save 10% off your order by using our code MARKSTECHVLOGS at checkout.

AICOCO Intelligent Smart Live Streamcam – Design

The AICOCO has a pill-shaped two-tone grey design and is made of a mix of metal and plastic. As a whole it feels really well made although the base does feel a little plasticy. The front of it has the camera and an indicator light and the side of the base has a USB C port.

As an overall the design of the AICOCO is pretty smart and modern looking and with the options to attach it to a tripod or to the top of your monitor it’s easy to get it set up.

The Spec

So, what tech is packed inside the AICOCO Smart Streamcam?

  • 2k video on a wide-angle lens shooting video at 25FPS and 2X zoom.
  • The ability to track a 180degree movement thanks to the silent moving axis which can track your movements using AI.
  • Noise cancelling built-in microphone
  • 3 gestures to allow you to turn tracking on and off and zoom.
  • Plug and play with Windows, Mac and Android.

As an overall the features mean that video looks great and the tracking is really impressive and smooth. We also found that the plug-and-play feature was especially good as you can just use it out the box without extra software.

Using the AICOCO 2k Streamcam

In the week we’ve had this product we’ve used it for videos call and even used it to film our video review of the product which you can watch if you want to see and hear the camera in action. As an overall the video quality is excellent in different lighting conditions and the AI tracking is brilliant, helping you stay central in the frame.

The audio quality is a slightly different story and isn’t as clear as we’d like it to be. It’s fine for video calls and probably ok for the occasional streamer but for regular streamers you’ll want to pick up an external microphone to go with it.

The three gestures let you easily operate it.

The OK Gesture – The OK symbol turns on the tracking and the light on the front turns green.

The Stop Gesture – The stop gesture turns off the tracking

The L Gesture – Making a L gesture with your hand zooms in and out with brief pauses at 1 and 2 x to allow you to choose how much you want to zoom.

The one annoying thing is that whenever you plug the camera in the AICOCO logo is watermarked in the top left of the video. To turn this off you need to make the stop gesture for 3+ seconds however there isn’t really a need for this watermark and the product would be better without it.

AICOCO Intelligent Smart Live Streamcam Review – Should you buy one?

If you’re looking for a AI webcam that has excellent video quality and can track your movements, allowing you to move around during video calls then for the price and video quality this is a great product that’s well thought out and only let down by audio quality that really should be better.

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